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Studying in Spain: 5 Things You Need to Know

Are you planning to study in Spain? Moving to a new country can be a marvelous experience, once the first fears and nerves are over. Spain is considered one of the best academic destinies of the world due to the high quality of their colleges and universities. If you have all your paperwork ready, here are a few things that will help you enhance your experience.

1. Make yourself comfortable

Most people forget they will be spending a serious amount of time at planes/airports when moving to a different country. Once you are ready with the other topics of this list, it is time to treat yourself: music, videogames, or books… pick the one you like the most! Just don´t forget to be practical and make sure your choice is a portable one. Making your journey as enjoyable as possible is a must in order to enjoy the whole experience.

2. Make lists that suit your needs

This may sound silly, but it actually helps. Having a list of things to pack, things to do before/after the trip, or even things you want to try can make a difference. Besides, is not funny spending 10+ hours in a plane, trying to remember if you packed your phone charger.

This will help you have in hand all your important stuff, specially your papers.

3. Money, money, money

Learning about money and monetary exchange is a must if you are moving to Spain. You will need money for the trip, and money for the city you will be arriving at, and that means you will most likely need to exchange currencies.

Most people think that the airport is the better place to exchange their currencies, but, as safe as it may be, traders there charge high fees for the service. It may be better to exchange your money at a bank if you are not in a rush.

4. Knowledge (about your new city) is power

Be sure to gather as much information you can about the city you are moving to. Expending a few moments a day on the internet, learning about the city, the people, transport, etc., can make a real difference. Also, if you know the place where you will be staying, you can use a map app to check the surroundings and know routes, stores and other things next to it.

After landing and arriving at the place where you will stay, make yourself comfortable, rest, and then go take the streets. Try to familiarize with your surroundings and inform yourself about discounts for students, or places that can be useful for your new life.

5. Pack lots of clothes

If your stance in Spain will be a long one, you will need to be prepared for its season changes: You will need everything, from raincoats for the heavy rains of the mediterranean climate to something to face the heat on summers. Even if you don’t plan to stay for long, a few “just in case” can save your day.

Be sure to pack other things beside clothes, like sunglasses and sunscreen, to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight.

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