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Does It Still Make Sense to Study at University?

There is a question that many young people have asked in these new times; the “digital era” and the replacement of the workers by the automation, has brought many changes. Even in the workplace, there have been major modifications, so the question has arisen. Does it still make sense to study at the university? This depends on how you see the course of your economic and social life

The fact that you have enough current money to not consider yourself “career dependent” does not mean that you will not someday have any difficulties in the field. Surely you have seen only the university benefits like “The safe road to the labor field“, but the reality is that it implies much more than that. Well, it’s time to make a real analysis of the topic.

The university is the universal inclusion of self-knowledge, but then, what is knowledge? For sure it is clearly a great “power”. With science, the induction to own knowledge; you will accomplish things that you once thought impossible. It is true that great technological pioneers did not graduate from college, during their youth, like Steve Jobs. But it turns out that this is not all true as it has been told to society.

Some of the greatest pioneers have not obtained an university’s’ degree

The revolutionary creator of the first iPhone, attended college and got to pass different extracurricular subjects with which he pushed the typography of his first Mac desktop system.

So then, it is essential to always have some degree of academic training that is not always obtained in “life itself”. Logically it makes sense to study in the university, especially in areas of technical potential in the digital field.

The era of electronic media, such as the dissemination of news through social networks, has allowed a large number of people to be manipulated in terms of their opinion matrix. This implies that if you handle the masses, you have power over many things, and as mentioned How do you handle the masses? Well knowing them.

Through university studies you can carefully analyze the behavior of society. Although in some countries the payment for this level of study is relatively high compared to other expenses, it will certainly be worth it.

The best thing is that if you see it from a parent perspective, it is best to have a separate account to save enough to pay for your children’s studies. On the other hand, if you are a young person and have no direction in your life, or consider that “it is not a requirement to study in the university” you may have to reconsider your opinion.

Even so, and despite what is expressed in this article, you have the last decision to go for a university degree or not. Take into consideration all the variables that have been exposed here, in order to synthesize your own critical thinking. In addition, you can also do surveys to your friends or close relatives, to obtain information regarding their opinions on the topic. Good luck!

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