Month: February 2017

How the Erasmus Programme changed Europe


The Erasmus Progremme, stablished in 1987, is an administrative plan which supports, facilitates and promotes the academic mobility of university students and professors within the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey. The programme seeks to standardize academic experiences and grades around Europe, in order to achieve true unification of the countries involved in it. It is considered as one of the biggest achievements of the European Community, along with the…

Studying in Spain: 5 Things You Need to Know


Are you planning to study in Spain? Moving to a new country can be a marvelous experience, once the first fears and nerves are over. Spain is considered one of the best academic destinies of the world due to the high quality of their colleges and universities. If you have all your paperwork ready, here are a few things that will help you enhance your experience. 1. Make yourself comfortable…

Does It Still Make Sense to Study at University?


Does It Still Make Sense to Study at University? There is a question that many young people have asked in these new times; the “digital era” and the replacement of the workers by the automation, has brought many changes. Even in the workplace, there have been major modifications, so the question has arisen. Does it still make sense to study at the university? This depends on how you see the…